Hernandi Sukmana Putra, Karsam Karsam, Darwin Yuwono Riyanto


Abstract:Blackbird Café is a business engaged in the Surabaya’s culinary and have great potential. Blackbird Café has a distinctive feel of classic retro interior feels more real and is surrounded retro stuff around the interior of Café Blackbird. With the potential of Blackbird Café, businesses in the culinary field is still lacking in terms of promoting their products. Promotional activities are essential to market a product / brand, so the brand is still remembered and can do approach to customers through promotional activities. Promotional activities by Blackbird Café is sorely lacking until now, the promotion activities only via social media and websites without any merchandise cause less attention from consument and made characteristic of Blackbird Café has not been seen in any media campaign. The problem is, altough the profit of Blackbird Cafe is quite large, it still can’t compete with the café around the environment, it caused decrease in visitors may occur due to lack of promotional activities from Blackbird Café and the lack of innovation in the promotion programs as well as many culinary business that have sprung up in Surabaya do customer approach through media promotion and merchandise. Therefore, it takes some effort to maintain customer loyalty, which one is create appropriate media campaign can enhance brand loyalty Blackbird Café.


Keywords:Design, Media promotion, Brand Loyalty

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