Perancangan Rebranding Visual Identity Sui Generis sebagai upaya Meningkatkan Brand Awareness

Fadhulullah Hamid, Siswo Martono, Dhika Yuan Yurisma


Sui Generis is a manufacturer of Strap Guitar from Surabaya which has been established since August 2011. Sui Generis operates in the product design subsector. The development of product design in Indonesia itself is very fast and significant. The problem found is that competition in the market is getting tighter, so a creative process is needed. This research aims at Sui Generis as an effort to redesign visual identity and strengthen customer awareness of Sui Generis. In this design, will propose how to redesign the identity that shows the main advantages of Sui Generis products, which are cultural arts in the form of motifs from Sui Generis. To be able to get the appropriate design, it takes several steps such as interviews, observation, data collection, creative strategies from Sui Generis and then proceed to designing steps. The keyword obtained from the data collection process is Authentic. With this concept, this design is expected to represent the new face of Sui Generis and increase the awareness of prospective customers.

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