Perancangan Iklan Explainer Video Monumen Kapal Selam dengan Teknik Animasi 2D untuk Menumbuhkan Kesadaran Terhadap Sejarah Surabaya

Agung Gumelar Ansori, Muh Bahruddin, Sigit Prayitno Yosep


The purpose of designing ads Submarine Monument explainer video with 2D animation techniques to introduce Submarine Monument and develop awareness of the history of Surabaya. Design explainer video ads using qualitative data collection methods, namely by interview, observation, documentation studies, existing studies and literature studies are very important for determining the design concept of the study. From the analysis of these data, the theme of the design concept derived is great. The concept of "Great" is aimed at realizing the potential - the potential contained in the Submarine Monument as a tourist attraction that is entertaining and there are facilities that are useful and add insight about the maritime history of Indonesia. Using 2D animation and visual effects that attract expected to improve the image of the Submarine Monument as one of the assets of historical tourism in Surabaya.


Kata Kunci : Ads, Submarine Monument Explainer Video, Animation 2D, History, Great.t

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