Gustina Maulydina, Haryanto Tanuwijaya, Antok Supriyanto, Sri Suhandiah


UD. Vino Jaya Putra is a business that produces dish racks with excellent quality and economical prices. UD business development. Vino Jaya Putra aims to expand the current market share by carrying out several methods such as SWOT analysis, Business Model Canvas (BMC), Business Plan and Strategy Development. From the results of the SWOT analysis of UD. Vino Jaya Putra has an IFE value of 0.15 and an EFE of 0.07 by occupying a quadrant I position on the SWOT diagram which means having the power and opportunity to develop, the strategy carried out by the company's business development is 7 but only 5 is realized because it is the fastest to provide results and don't wait any longer. In the Business Model Canvas (BMC) after development it gives results with more and more additions to existing suppliers in key partnerships, the company's advantages and even products are increasingly visible with increasing product innovation and development of human resources to office administration on the value proposition, customer relationships provide results With discounts for consumers, both distributors and retail stores, as well as maintaining the quantity and quality of products to provide customer satisfaction, the channels for development are utilizing online media such as Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp business as well as offline media such as brochures, UD revenue streams. Vino Jaya Putra through three holes, namely shelf sales at normal prices, sales of wire waste and sales of returns from company activities such as marketing, production and purchasing of raw materials in key activities, developments also occurred in key resources with the addition of organizational structure, additional assets such as machinery and expansion of production area, key partnership also provides additions such as more suppliers owned by UD. Vino Jaya Putra and routine expenses incurred by the company for fixed costs and variable costs. With the developments that have been carried out by UD. Vino Jaya Putra, the initial turnover is Rp. 500,000,000/month can be achieved in accordance with the explanation in the sales projection.


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