Muchammad Gusthomi, Januar Wibowo, Achmad Yanu Alif Fianto


The Madura Batik Tanjung business is a business that is engaged in the fashion sector by providing local wisdom owned by the people of Bangkalan Regency. The establishment of the Madura Batik Tanjung business aims to implement business concepts, earn profits and gain learning about implementing a business using legal aspects, marketing aspects, human resources aspects, financial aspects and production aspects. To be able to combine knowledge and skills in understanding, analyzing, describing and explaining problems related to the field of management. Legal aspects of legal protection facilities, advice on business development to a higher level and promotion suggestions to increase business credibility, by utilizing NPWP, NIB and IUMK. The marketing aspect generates a wider reach by using social media. Aspects of management and human resources, make efforts that can improve company effectiveness and minimize problems that will occur using work scheduling, organizational structure and job specifications. The financial aspect by knowing the cost of production and ROI for one year. The production aspect results in a neat implementation by using the IPO and production SOPs properly.


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