Gede Putu Ade Apriyatna, Jusak Jusak, Weny Indah Kusumawati


Along with the development of technology, the previous game can only be played by a maximum of two people. Currently, game can be played by more than 10 people at the same time using the internet network. To determine the quality of the network in the online game applications, the QoS analysis must be performed including proper use of bandwidth, delay, jitter, and packet loss reduction. Furthermore, statistical analysis of the parameters is needed in order that the data can be displayed easily.With the analysis of Internet data traffic for online game applications, the QoS can be used as a basis for giving priority to certain applications of online games by allocating existing resources to different applications in a network. It is hoped that the analysis can be used to assist network administrators in terms of network design in the future. Based on the test results, the values of the QoS parameters are obtained as follows: the average delay is 0.96 second, the average jitter is 0.1146 seconds, and percentage of the packet loss is 0%. Bandwidth utilization for online game based on analysis our analysis is 11.73255% or 117.3255 Kbps compared to 10 Mbps of the bandwidth. It is also found that distribution of the data packet length closed to the Log-normal distribution for the morning, noon and night measurement.

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